Modern-day Pilates equipment originated from a time in Joseph Pilates’ life– a time when he was imprisoned in a camp during World War I. While incarcerated, Pilates created exercise routines for himself and fellow compatriots, and later acted as a sort of nurse-physiotherapist. To help rehabilitate those who were injured and bed-ridden, Pilates disassembled camp beds and used the springs as a form of resistance. This was the birth of the modern-day Reformer.

Today we have access to a wide variety of innovative Pilates equipment that enables us to support or challenge movement – giving us endless possibilities to help you reach your movement goals. Our studio is well equipped with the best equipment: multiple Reformers and Towers, a Trapeze Table, Wunda Chairs, Ladder Barrel, Core Align® and all kinds of props and weights. We also have engineered ceiling bars for body suspension exercises, such as TRX, that you could literally hang an entire football team from.

Basically, our studio is set up for you to explore, play and take your body’s capabilities to a whole new level.

The question is, how do you start with learning equipment-based Pilates? We feel our “Jumpstart Program“, which will give you an orientation to the equipment and an individual program tailored to your body and your goals over 4 Private sessions, provides the best path forward.

Okay, so what if you’ve done Pilates before and looking for a new studio space to move in? You have several different options. You can sign up for one of our Group Pilates Apparatus Classes – this is a class of up to 3 people moving and training together under the lead of our Pilates Instructors. You can do a Drop-In visit ($42 + GST), or buy a block of 5 Passes ($200 + GST) or 10 Passes ($350 + GST).

If it’s been a while since you’ve done Pilates, a nice way to get back into things is to start with one or two Private Pilates Sessions. This also gives our Pilates Instructors the chance to get to know your body and your goals so they can guide your class experience. From there you can choose to practice in a Semi-Private (class of 2 people) or Small Group Class (3 people) context.

Whatever your movement goals, we have the offerings and expertise to help you reach them. To see current availability go to

Contact our Front Desk to book your first session today and start a new movement journey! As Joseph Pilates stated:

“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.”

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