Pilates is an accessible mat-based fitness method centered on core stability. It focuses on breath, alignment, and control to move your body, develop muscle balance, and refine comprehensive physical fitness. Accessible to athletes, teenagers, and adults of every shape and size, Pilates is an excellent way to enrich your personal health. This class is taught by Jonathan Krebs an interim registered physiotherapist, STOTT PILATES® certified instructor, and professional dancer.

Please note: though Jonathan is a Physiotherapist, this is an exercise class that is not presented as a group physiotherapy class and therefore cannot be claimed under benefit plans.

You will need to complete our medical screening questionnaire prior to beginning your classes.

To check the currently scheduled classes, go to the “Group Mat Exercise Pilates” section on our booking site here.

Every class is 55 minutes of movement and each class can be taken as a stand-alone. Hands-on guidance can be expected. Questions are encouraged. Come explore!

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