Healthy Handstands

February 1, 2020

Circus Acrobats, hand-balancers, gymnasts, dancers, yogis, or your everyday upside down enthusiasts…!

Did you know that you can optimize your handstand alignment and prevent injury with expert advice from a specialized physiotherapist?

Issues that can impact symmetry & alignment in a handstand include…

  • Restrictions in overhead soft tissue mobility
  • Restrictions in thoracic mobility
  • Restrictions in wrist extension mobility
  • Imbalances in the scapula & shoulder girdle
  • Poor core strength & control
  • Restrictions in hip mobility & strength

Any of these limitations can lead to poor handstand technique and make you susceptible to injury.

Your weightbearing tumbling skills require a good handstand so correcting these imbalances can also speed up your acquisition of future hand-balancing and tumbling skills.

And more good news… correcting these issues will also improve the aesthetics of your handstand.

Our Physio Kyra Klein has 15 years of experience coaching and treating gymnasts/acrobats. She will help determine your personalized compensatory movement patterns using a whole body approach, and physiotherapy techniques like IMS/dry needling, specific exercises & manual therapy to identify & correct your specific hand-balancing issues.

I chose to work with Kyra because she is a specialized performing arts physiotherapist which I absolutely love. She is thorough and empathetic regarding how to properly care for my body so I can successfully improve what I need to do – in this case, my handstands. With the training exercises and suggestions, I have been able to hold my handstands longer and have been able to understand how to square my hips! If you need a physiotherapist for anything, she is the one to see – professional, caring, and respectful 🙂

Rachelle Calasin (acrobat/aerialist)