Experience the health benefits of Infrared Sauna, here in North Vancouver.

Infrared Sauna Sessions
Have you been looking for a boost to your wellness routine? Wondering if there is a way to further optimize your workout recovery? Want to enhance your immune system function as we head into the fall and winter? Want the benefits of detoxification while boosting your circulation and metabolism?
Research continues to show many benefits of heat therapy, and at Synergy Physio + Pilates you can enjoy the quiet relaxation and health benefits of our Sunlighten infrared sauna service, offered in our ConnectPilates™ Studio.

Where traditional saunas use heating elements to raise the temperature of the air inside, infrared saunas use infrared light to heat your body while the air around you stays unchanged. This results in a lower ambient air temperature allowing for longer, more comfortable stays in the sauna. Infrared light also penetrates the body deeply resulting in a fast and vigorous sweat being produced. The average ambient temperature in an infrared sauna is usually 40-60°C compared to 70-90°C in traditional saunas.

Book a session and experience the many benefits of Infrared Sauna therapy.

Please note: If you have a health condition, please consult your doctor before booking your sessions.


Benefits Of Infrared Sauna

Increased Circulation

Increased Circulation

Improved Cardiovascular Function

Improved Cardiovascular Function



Reduced Muscle Aches, Joint Pain and Stiffness

Reduced Muscle Aches, Joint Pain & Stiffness

Reduced Chronic Pain

Reduced Chronic Pain

Boosts Immune Function

Boosts Immune Function

Increase relaxation and Reduced Stress

Increase relaxation and Reduced Stress

Better Sleep

Better Sleep

Enhanced Metabolism and support weight loss efforts

Enhanced Metabolism and support weight loss efforts

Faster Recovery Post Workouts

Faster Recovery Post Workouts

Additionally, there are several psychological benefits of infrared saunas, including improved well-being and quality of life.


What to Expect

Our front desk team will show you to our private sauna room to orient you to our procedures and set the timer for your sauna session. The sauna will be pre-heated for your arrival; all you need to do is get changed into your bathing suit/ shorts/ sports bra, drink some water, and enter the sauna. Please arrive well-hydrated, and bring your water bottle with you.

You’ll want to leave any electronics out of the sauna, so if you want to read please bring a book or magazine with you. You will be given a remote to adjust the chromotherapy (colour light therapy) colours during your session.

Sauna Expectation
Sauna Expectation

The sauna will turn off at the set time, and you can then dry off and change. There is a small sink available for your use as well.

We’ll provide a clean towel to wipe sweat away while in the sauna, and a clean towel to dry off after your session.

You’ll want some loose comfortable clothing to change into after your session as you will continue to perspire as your body cools down; we recommend that you allow your body to cool down gradually and then shower to remove perspired toxins from your skin once your temperature returns to your usual baseline.


Frequently asked questions

How many times a week should you go to the infrared sauna?

You can use an infrared sauna as often as you would like to; frequency can vary from once per week to daily. When starting infrared sauna use it is best to start with shorter sessions of 15-20 minutes until your body adapts to the infrared heat, then gradually work up to longer sessions of up to 45 minutes.

How long should you sit in the infrared sauna?

If this is your first time in an infrared sauna, the recommendation is to start with 15-20 minutes and then build up to 30-45 minute sessions. Everyone is different and it is important to listen to your body, start gradually, and let your body adapt.

If you have any medical conditions, we ask that you first get clearance from your doctor before starting sauna use.

Are there any risks or side effects associated with infrared saunas?

Infrared saunas are generally quite safe and have very little risk. Therefore most individuals are able to enjoy the infrared sauna benefits. However, the sauna should not be used by children, women who are pregnant, or anyone with a pacemaker, acute joint injury, or fever. For those with cardiovascular conditions, insensitivity to heat, reduced ability to sweat, implants, or taking prescription medications it is best to consult a health care professional before using an infrared sauna.

What should I do before and after using an infrared sauna?

To prepare for your Infrared Sauna experience:

  • hydration is important, stay hydrated during the hours leading up to your sauna
  • bring a bathing suit, shorts or sports bar to change into
  • bring your full water bottle and continue to hydrate
  • wipe your feet with the body wipes provided prior to entering the sauna
  • use the towels provided to wipe away sweat during sessions

After your session:

  • dry off with a towel provided
  • allow your body to cool down naturally and then shower once cool
  • wear loose comfortable clothing
  • stay hydrated throughout the day with water or electrolytes to rehydrate your body
What are the Health Benefits of using the Infrared Sauna?

The most well-known benefit of infrared saunas is that they improve cardiovascular function and blood circulation. Infrared light increases the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a natural and essential gas in the body that helps improve blood flow by preventing the blood vessels from narrowing and the blood from clotting. Infrared saunas can also reduce cholesterol levels, which has a positive impact on cardiovascular function.

Infrared saunas have also been shown to boost immune function, detoxify the body, decrease blood pressure, reduce joint pain and chronic pain, and enhance sleep.
Additionally, there are several psychological benefits of infrared saunas, including decreased stress, improved well-being and quality of life.

For athletes, there is some evidence to show that infrared saunas may enhance recovery.

What are the Differences Between an Infrared Sauna and a Traditional Sauna?

Both traditional saunas and infrared saunas are used to produce health benefits by increasing core body temperatures. It is the way in which the heat is produced that differentiates the two. Traditional saunas use physical heaters, powered by electricity, wood, gas, or other fuel, to heat up the air inside the sauna, which then heats your body. Infrared saunas, however, use infrared light to penetrate the skin and internally heat your body without heating the surrounding air. The infrared rays cause these saunas to be slightly cooler than traditional saunas, making for a more therapeutic and comfortable experience.

Can I use an Infrared Sauna whilst on prescription medications?

It is best to speak with your doctor before using an infrared sauna if you are taking prescription drugs to discuss any potential changes in the drug’s effect when the body is exposed to heat and infrared energy. Some medications may also impair the body’s ability to sweat and tolerate heat, increasing the risk of dehydration.

Can I use an Infrared Sauna with a joint replacement?

Typically, artificial joints will reflect infrared waves and will not be heated, however, it is best to consult your doctor before using an infrared sauna if you have had a joint replacement.

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