Have you experienced challenges with recurring injuries or training blocks as a Gymnast or Acrobat? Do you have:

  • Difficulty reaching your full potential with flexibility or strength training?
  • Lower back pain with back bending?
  • Shoulder pain when climbing apparatuses like silks, hoop, trapeze, or with tumbling?
  • Intermittent or chronic tightness / snapping in hips?
  • Knee or heel pain from running/jumping?
  • Wrist pain when gripping apparatuses or hand-balancing?
  • Dizziness with spinning apparatus or tumbling?

At Synergy Physio + Pilates we recognize the unique demands of gymnasts,  acrobats, and aerialists. Our physiotherapist Kyra Klein, has 15 years experience coaching and treating gymnasts, circus acrobats and aerialists. She understands the training demands of these sports and the unique stresses they place on the body. Kyra’s years of experience with these sports enable her to design sport-specific treatment plans to address and prevent injuries unique to the sport, while recognizing and correcting for compensatory movement patterns.

Based on her sport-specific assessment, Kyra will develop an injury management and performance optimization program with education, Physiotherapy treatments, and most importantly exercises informed by her extensive background as a gymnast and circus artist.

If your training suffers from recurring pain, it may limit your performance in ways you’re overlooking. Kyra’s assessments are designed to uncover your sport specific compensations.