What is a Physiotherapy Inversion Training class and how is it different from our regular Inversion Training Classes?

Our Physiotherapy Inversions classes are designed for patients who are on their rehab and recovery journey and are ready for more progressive strengthening using bodyweight exercises, and positions upside down, specifically prescribed based on their Drivers (see the ConnectTherapy™ page to learn more about Drivers).

This class is run by a physiotherapist, and the exercises designed based on your specific assessment findings from your individual physiotherapy sessions. You will be referred to this program by your treating physiotherapist based on your treatment progress and successful completion of our inversions pre-requisites. This class will allow you to advance your inversion skills while building on your physiotherapy treatment gains.

If you’ve never done inversions before, this class will give you the tools to optimize your safety & performance in a yoga/acro/fitness class with inversions, learn handstands safely, promote mobility & length through the body, calm the nervous system, & increase core & upper body strength.

Group Physio Inversion Training classes run in a series of 4 classes, weekly on Tuesday nights from 6:30 – 7:15 pm. Our next start date is March 17, 2020 – contact our Front Desk at 604-986-2777 to sign up.

What makes Inversions classes at Synergy Physio + Pilates different?

All the classes are done with a physiotherapist present – not just “supervising” – but present and guiding you through each part of your program. We guide your inversions program based on your current abilities and injuries, and your ConnectTherapy Drivers.

First you will be assessed by one of our physiotherapists who will determine the true underlying cause of your problems. These regions are called your “Drivers”. Once you have learned to control your “Driver” in basic positions, your physiotherapist will refer you to the inversions class based on your goals.

You will then work with physiotherapist & gymnastics/inversions instructor Kyra Klein to unlock and train these new movement patterns using bodyweight training, mobility work, & balance training on your hands. You will receive your personal unique programming combined with specific hands-on release techniques for your Drivers.  This means your hands-on treatment and exercise training are integrated in a targeted and individualized way that yields Uncommon Results for rehab from your injury.

At Synergy we use this kind of integrated manual therapy plus exercise and movement in all our exercise progressions – whether for strength, training or core stability – as it is one of the many innovative physiotherapy techniques used in the ConnectTherapy & Thoracic Ring Approach™ models.

Once you have completed your rehab and recovery process, your therapist can provide you with an individualized maintenance program that you can continue, or you can work towards our advanced inversions classes – there are many options to move forward & enjoy being upside down!

Book your appointment for an initial Assessment today – your physiotherapist will do a whole-body assessment, identify your key Drivers and discuss your rehab goals. When you are ready you will then start on an individualized rehab process in our small group inversions classes to help you to Move Better, Feel Better and Be Better.

I chose to work with Kyra because she is a specialized performing arts physiotherapist which I absolutely love. She is thorough and empathetic regarding how to properly care for my body so I can successfully improve what I need to do – in this case, my handstands. With the training exercises and suggestions, I have been able to hold my handstands longer and have been able to understand how to square my hips! If you need a physiotherapist for anything, she is the one to see – professional, caring, and respectful.

Rachelle Calasin (acrobat/aerialist)