Finding it hard to do poses in one direction only? Feeling ‘stuck’ in your hips or developing back pain after practice? Getting pinching in one shoulder or uneven loading through your hands in down dog? We can help!

A specific whole-body assessment designed around your yoga goals allows our Synergy Physios to determine what the underlying Drivers of your problem is. Your Drivers are the key regions of your body that are the key to “unlock” new ways to move and explore your yoga practice. We will then design an individual treatment program to open up more options in your movement repertoire, and teach you the specific visual and sensory cues specific to you, that will allow you to find the poses you’ve always struggled with, feel the flow in your class, prevent injury and return to your practice with confidence.

At Synergy Physio we also use yoga as a way for you to learn new ways to explore movement, stimulate different loading patterns in your body, and develop endurance and control. If you’re interested in exploring how yoga works into your therapy and activity goals, make sure to ask your therapist when you come for your initial assessment.