Clinical ConnectYoga™

Finding it hard to do poses in one direction only? Feeling ‘stuck’ in your hips or developing back pain after practice? Getting pinching in one shoulder or uneven loading through your hands in down dog? We can help!

First, your physiotherapist will do a whole-body ConnectTherapy assessment that is designed around your yoga goals. This assessment will identify the regions of your body that are most important to cue and train to optimize your yoga practice – these are your ConnectTherapy Drivers and the key to unlock your movement potential.

Your physiotherapist will then design an individual treatment and movement program to open up more options in your movement repertoire, and teach you the specific visual and sensory cues specific to you, that will allow you to find the poses you’ve always struggled with, feel the flow in your class, prevent injury and return to your practice with confidence.

This is Clinical ConnectYoga – it is based on specific assessment of your body, and designed around your individual Drivers, to address your current challenges & optimize your movement.

To get started, book your Initial ConnectYoga Assessment with Brennan Chan, along with 2-3 subsequent treatment sessions. You’ll be amazed at what is possible!