What is an Inversion?

Inversions are basically about being upside down. Handstands are one of the most commonly known types of inversions.

Our Inversions Training class involves the use of bodyweight exercises that are specifically adapted and prescribed by a Physiotherapist that specializes in gymnastics training. The class will focus on developing movement patterns using bodyweight training, mobility work, & balance training on your hands. If you’d like to learn how to do a handstand, or improve your current abilities to more advanced skills, then we have the class for you!

There are 2 options for this class:

Beginner Inversions: People new to the concept of inversions. For those that want to increase confidence and strength in upside down positions to achieve greater upper body strength & control. If you are brand new to inversions, this class if for you.

Advanced Inversions: For advanced yogis, hand-balancers, acrobats, and gymnasts looking to optimize their handstand alignment and progress their skills, mobility, & strength.

These classes will give you the tools to optimize your safety & performance with inversions, optimize form & alignment, learn new skills, & promote mobility & upper body strength.

What makes Inversions classes at Synergy Physio + Pilates different?

The class is led and designed by physiotherapist Kyra Klein. Kyra is a physiotherapist and a competitively certified gymnastics coach, as well as a circus performer & yogi. Given her extensive inversions background and her physiotherapy experience, Kyra will instruct you safely through your inversion challenges whether you are new to inversions or a professional that wants to enhance your skills; whatever level you are at, this class will help support your skill development.

Book your Inversions class today to help you to Move Better, Feel Better and Be Better.