One of our key goals at Synergy Physio + Pilates is to help you feel good when you move, so that you can move more freely & with confidence. So that you enjoy exercise and training. So that you can run faster, jump higher, and lift stronger.

Our unique, whole body functional approaches, ConnectTherapy™ & the Thoracic Ring Approach™, give us the frameworks to identify the most important areas of your body to treat and train so that we can unlock your movement and exercise potential. Our innovative treatments use integrated hands-on, “manual therapy plus“, specialized techniques created by physiotherapist Dr. LJ Lee over the past 20 years, which combines manual release techniques and stimulating new muscle patterns while you exercise and train. All this enables you to experience your body in a new way.

At the start of your journey with us, in order for us to do a thorough assessment and start you on your individualized treatment pathway, we begin with one-on-one, longer sessions (45 mins or 1 hour sessions). We recommend booking at least 4 sessions within your first 2 weeks so that we can get your treatment and exercise program base set-up.

Over time, as we progress you through your treatment and increase your exercise program, depending on what you need, we can move you into our Small Group Physiotherapy sessions – where you still receive individualized re-assessment, treatment and exercise programming, but in the context of a group of 2 or 3 patients. This service is provided by our highly trained Physiotherapists – not supervising indirectly, but there with you, providing individual care in each session.

At Synergy we have 2 types of Small Group Physiotherapy sessions – those using our innovative Clinical Pilates Physiotherapy approach, ConnectPilates™, and those designed around yoga progressions in our clinical ConnectYoga™ approach.

Our priority is to help you reach your movement goals. Our Small Group Physiotherapy Program is a service we provide to enable you to stay committed to moving forward in your rehab program, receive our individualized focus and care, and manage your financial investment into your health – all at the same time.

Small Group Physiotherapy – ConnectPilates, Fees as of Aug 1, 2022:

Semi private (group of 2), fee per patient : $84 (45 minutes ), $105 (60 minutes)
Small Group (Group of 3), 45 minutes:
6 session series: weekly session at $60.00/session (fee per patient) – note you must register for all 6 weeks
Drop -in (only available if a registered patient is unable to attend: $70.00/ session

If Small Group Physiotherapy interests you, please discuss with your treating physiotherapist and they will be best able to determine if this is an appropriate path for you. New to the clinic and wondering if you are ready for group physio classes already? The best place to start is a 60 minute, whole body Initial Assessment – for clinical ConnectPilates™ book here, for clinical ConnectYoga™ book here.