Ann van Messel

Pilates Instructor


Ann loves moving – swimming, biking, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, climbing — name it and she probably wants to do it. But her movement patterns would often result in pain and discomfort for weeks afterwards — until she discovered Pilates.

After a few months of Pilates twice a week, Ann felt significant change in her symptoms. She was hooked. Ann sought out her teacher’s teacher – Rael Isacowitz. The way her body felt after a session was magic so she knew she had to learn more. Ann then took the BASI comprehensive training and started working with people daily. Over the years since, she has augmented my teaching with other courses – from Pathologies and Injuries to Pilates for the Athlete, to Pilates for Neurological Conditions.

In 2019 Ann attended the BASI Mentor Program in order to extend her learning into human movement. Endlessly curious and constantly seeking, Ann loves finding new ways of approaching movement.

Ann’s sessions are driven by the needs of the body that present themselves in that moment. Her hope is that through becoming conscious of their own movement patterns, her students will find their own freedom of movement, propelling them to move more and better without fear.