Kyra Klein


Education: BA (Psychology), MScPT, Paediatrics, Sports Injuries, Functional Dry Needling, Certified Vestibular Therapist

In addition to her Physiotherapy training, Kyra has 18 years experience as a competitive gymnast, aerial artist and coach. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters in Physiotherapy in 2015. Kyra has been delighted to develop a special interest in Paediatrics and has worked with infants & children for torticollis of the neck, growth & development related problems, pain, CRPS, and sports-related injuries since she started her career in Physiotherapy. She also has experience working with adults of all ages for help with chronic pain and recovery from injuries related to life, sports and motor vehicle accidents.

With her background in gymnastics, Kyra specializes in the treatment of gymnasts, aerialists and dancers. In her practice, Kyra uses functional dry needling/IMS, manual therapy, shockwave, therapeutic exercise, & education to empower her patients to lead a healthy lifestyle. She also has additional certifications and training in vestibular therapy to assist patients with dizziness and vertigo, neurokinetic therapy, running injury courses, and Level I manual therapy with the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. She is delighted to be integrating these skills in her journey in the ConnectTherapy™ & Thoracic Ring Approach™ models.

Most recently, Kyra volunteered as a physiotherapist in East Africa educating other health care professionals and treating athletes. In her free time, Kyra is a trapeze artist, runner, yogi and aspiring rock climber.

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