Lindsay Geddes (she/her)


Education: MPT, BHKin, ConnectTherapy™ Certified Practitioner, Mentor & Corse Assistant, ConnectPilates™ / Clinical Pilates, AFCI Acupuncture/ Dry Needling, Pelvic Health / Pelvic Floor Therapist

Lindsay Geddes is a senior therapist at Synergy Physio + Pilates. As a Dr. Linda-Joy Lee ConnectTherapy Certified Practitioner, Mentor and Assistant, Lindsay not only offers her clinical expertise in treating patients, but also oversees the in-house Residency Program to support Synergy therapists and also mentors numerous external therapists world wide.

Lindsay undertook her Master’s of Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney, Australia after completing her Bachelor’s of Human Kinetics, Exercise Science at the University of British Columbia.

Early in her career, Lindsay was introduced to the unique and forward-thinking models of The Integrated Systems Model (ISM, Lee & Lee), ConnectTherapy (Lee, LJ) and the Thoracic Ring Approach™ (Lee, LJ). These frameworks resonated deeply and immediately. Prior to incorporating these models, Lindsay was becoming frustrated with feeling the pressure as a physiotherapist to use body region based clinical tests and to apply only localised evidence based treatment techniques. ConnectTherapy and The Thoracic Ring approach outline how the whole person and whole body is connected, and that a Meaningful Experience in one region of your body may have a true, underlying cause (Driver) that is located in a completely different region. Lindsay now uses the ConnectTherapy & the Thoracic Ring Approach evidence informed techniques that are focused on treating the Drivers to make a whole person, whole body change, targeting your Meaningful Experience.

Other training Lindsay has completed includes the Intermediate Exam of The Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Certificate of Anatomical Acupuncture through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (AFCI) and Certified Clinical Pilates Instructor with Calibrate. Lindsay incorporates manual therapy, acupuncture/ dry needling and the innovative ConnectPilates™ approach – a new Pilates method based on the constructs of ConnectTherapy – into her treatment sessions.

Additionally, as a Pelvic Health/ Pelvic Floor therapist, Lindsay is the lead of Synergy’s Healthy Pelvic Floor Program. The program welcomes individuals with any pelvic centred challenge or goal ranging from prenatal & postnatal care, rectus diastasis, incontinence, urgency, frequency (overactive bowel), prolapse, sexual dysfunction and pelvic floor pain, to name a few. Find out more about these programs here.

With two young children at home, Lindsay’s current extracurricular activities include family bike rides, skateboarding (a new hobby with her daughter), gardening and crafting. When she escapes the clinic or home, you can find her running, cycling, hiking, or camping. Oh and she’s a mean knitter, crocheter, fermenter and kombucha maker.