Maai Imbrechts


Education: BScPT, MScPT, PgD, MPT, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Maai Imbrechts is an experienced physiotherapist and manual therapist, born and raised in Belgium. She graduated with a Masters and Post Graduate Degree in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy at the University of Leuven and Ghent in Belgium, totalling 6 years of university. Maai started her career in 2004 as a physiotherapist in private practice and clinical settings in Belgium. She has been living and working in Canada since 2011.

Maai focuses on finding and treating the underlying cause of a problem, rather than providing mere symptom relief. The treatments revolve around optimizing the body to work to its full potential. She draws on the understanding of how the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems work together, considering current and past injuries. The result is an improved physiology that enhances the body’s own ability to heal.

Having an excellent track record in solving complicated or chronic pain issues, Maai realizes that dedicating time and attention to understand the individual needs of each patient is extremely important to be able to efficiently guide every individual in their unique journey towards healing, optimal performance and injury prevention. Not only paying attention to what happens within the body but also considering the links between the mind and the body.

In 2016, Maai started her journey in the ConnectTherapy™ and Thoracic Ring Approach™ models with physiotherapist Dr. Linda-Joy Lee. This approach cements her belief in functional movement analysis and correcting dysfunctional movement patterns to restore balance and harmony in the whole body.

As a lifelong competitive volleyball player, Maai always had a natural interest in health, sports and nutrition. She has worked with Belgian top athletes in Freestyle Skiing, Snowboarding and Swimming. She is also a certified strength and conditioning trainer.

Maai considers Vancouver as home. Together with her partner and son she loves being active, healthy eating, spending time in the outdoors and playing beach volleyball.

Maai is currently on maternity leave until spring 2021 – if you are a past patient of Maai’s and would like a recommendation of another Synergy Physio team member who would be a good fit, please contact the front desk at