Tamsen Simon

Pilates Instructor

Education: BASI comprehensively certified, PMA® CPT, Anatomy Trains in Motion Specialist in Pilates-based education for Neurological Conditions

A former Olympic athlete, Tamsen competed internationally for Canada’s National Swim Team.  She was introduced to Pilates through her own rehabilitative program for chronic overuse shoulder injuries that eventually forced her retirement from swimming after a 14-year career. Tamsen picked up her first certification as a Pilates instructor in 2011 and has since become comprehensively certified on all equipment by Body Arts and Sciences Institute (BASI) and professionally certified through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).  A strong believer in continuing education, Tamsen regularly participates in workshops and further certification programs to keep her knowledge up-to-date and her skills fresh.

She teaches that the full body should be given equal thought to any particular dysfunction as good movement requires the whole system working efficiently. Tamsen enjoys teaching technique and deepening the internal connection we all have with the bodies we inhabit.  Tamsen believes short periods of deliberate practice have larger impacts on our health than hours of movement.