As Synergy Physio + Pilates is a teaching clinic and, home to the education company Dr. Linda-Joy Lee International | Institute for Physiotherapy & Movement, we offer services to support other physiotherapists, as they develop their work in the ConnectTherapy™ & Thoracic Ring Approach™ models.

As leaders in the Physiotherapy world, several of our therapists offer Consulting Services for other physiotherapists and health professionals– looking for our recommendations and expertise on patient cases. This is helpful in situations where progress is not happening as expected, or specific questions need to be answered to help the patient move forward. These Consulting Services are structured based on where the patient and referring professional are located (locally, or from out of town), and what information is desired.

If you’re a physiotherapist or patient seeking our recommendations/professional opinion on your specific case, we’re happy to help. There are several options available and our Clinic Manager can help direct you to the right physiotherapy consultant to help you with your needs. Please email with your request.


Physiotherapist Dr. LJ Lee provides “Co-Consult” sessions, where your patient is assessed and LJ will make recommendations on an optimal treatment plan. As the treating therapist you would attend and observe the session. As part of the Co-Consult package, we provide specific education time for the therapist, after the patient consult to give you insight into skills or clinical reasoning that will support your continued work with your patient as you take them to their next steps. You will also be provided with a written summary of our findings and recommendations. LJ can provide recommendations for patients with a diverse range of problems – from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, to Abdominal Wall problems, to recurrent Groin and Hip pain, tendinopathy, scoliosis, concussion recovery and more. If you would like to know if we can help with your patient, and for more information on Co-Consults with LJ, please contact our Clinic Manager at

Pelvic Floor Recommendations

If you are a ConnectTherapy trained physiotherapist, looking for consultation and treatment support for your patients with Pelvic Floor and Abdominal Wall problems (including Incontinence, Prolapse, Pelvic Floor Pain, Painful Intercourse, Diastasis Rectus Abdominis, hernias and abdominal pressure), an assessment with Dr. LJ Lee will provide you with a wealth of information to focus your treatment on the most relevant influences on your patient’s symptoms. Please contact: to organize your Consult.