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About Pilates

Originally created by Josepth Pilates, this method of exercise called Pilates (originally called “Contrology”) focuses on a holistic view of health. It is believed that a regular movement practice forms an essential part of not only our physical health but also our emotional and spiritual health.

The Pilates repertoire typically consists of a variety of exercises performed on the mat as well as on specialized equipment that uses spring resistance and assistance. Equipment-based Pilates provides a unique environment that helps facilitate achieving a combination of stability and control with flexibility and flow, all of it coordinated with the breath.
At Synergy Physio + Pilates, we have a variety of options and skilled instructors at our North Vancouver Clinic, ready to help you explore the possibilities your body possesses.

Whatever your age or your level of experience in Pilates, our instructors are here to help. Feel free to book a group equipment class, a semi-private session, or even a Private one-on-one session. If you’re new to Pilates, our “Jump-start Program” is just for you.

Benefits of Pilates

Core Strength & Stability

Core Strength & Stability

The Pilates repertoire is designed to help you find your core and recruit your core muscles more optimally throughout the session. At Synergy Physio + Pilates, our TrueWholeBody™ approach unlocks your core connection in even more effective ways, taking your core stability and strength to new levels.

Improved Flexibility

You’ll find the combination of spring support and spring challenge with the Pilates equipment lets you activate and lengthen your muscles in new ways, allowing you to move more freely through greater range of motion.
Improved Flexibility
Enhanced Mind-Body Connection

Enhanced Mind-Body Connection

Mindful movement is a key principle in Pilates, and combined with ConnectTherapy™ principles our instructors facilitate whole body connection throughout your sessions.

Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention

Experience the power of our Clinical ConnectPIlates™ sessions, where our physiotherapists use a combination of ConnectTherapy & Thoracic Ring Approach assessment to identify your unique Drivers, and design individualized treatment sessions that integrate hands-on release during movement training to rehab your injuries and help you return to your activities stronger and more robust than before.

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Frequently asked questions

How many times a week should I do Pilates?
How many times a week you should do Pilates depends on your goals and is best discussed with your instructor and/or physiotherapist.
Is Pilates better than Gym or Yoga?

Every type of exercise has it’s benefit. Equipment Pilates offers different ways of supporting your body during movement to enable more optimal movement patterning and then strengthening your muscles in these more optimal patterns – so in this way can help you get more out of your gym or yoga programs.

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