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The North Shore is a cyclist’s playground and our Synergy Physios want to help you get the most enjoyment out of your cycling experience. Are you finding that you’re not comfortable on your bike despite having an expert fit your bike to you? Are you finding you are having to continue to make adjustments to your bike fit?

Then perhaps it’s time to look at the rider instead of the bike – let us do a full body assessment and determine if there are regions of your body limiting your options to adapt to your bike. We’ll also assess you on your own bike; our wind trainer can be set up with both road and mountain bikes. From there we will design an individualized program, provide you with advice and prescribe an exercise program to address your muscle imbalances to optimize the way you ride and change how you feel on your bike.

Some common cycling challenges that we can help with:

  • power output difference between your legs
  • hips/pelvis rocking on the saddle
  • pressure on the saddle uneven on left/right sides
  • one or both knees coming out at the top of the pedal stroke
  • uneven elbow bend/ uneven weight on your hands
  • sore neck, shoulders, and/or low back
  • tingling or numbness in your fingers
  • sore low back only when climbing or out of the saddle

Check out Our Team bios and you’ll find we have several avid cyclists on our team who will share your passion. Whether your goal is to do some casual cycling on holiday or to complete a Grand Fondo, our Synergy Physios have the expertise to assess and treat all of you, and your relationship to your bike, to help you reach your cycling goals.

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