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It is well established that “Exercise is Medicine” and here at Synergy Physio + Pilates we want you to feel good when you move to help fuel your desire to move more.

Have you tried starting an exercise program but feel like certain movements just don’t feel quite right? Is it difficult for you to get muscle changes on one side of your upper or lower body compared to the other? Do you feel less efficient and have trouble pushing your cardiovascular fitness with certain activities but no difficulties with others? Do you have an old injury that is “fine” but stops you from trying new activities or pushing your current ones to new levels?

We can help!

The ConnectTherapy™ whole body approach is designed to figure out what regions of your body could be working more optimally to support your movement goals, and how your current movement patterns can be re-trained to take away these undesired experiences when you train. Yes, at Synergy Physio we work in the ConnectTherapy & Thoracic Ring Approach™ models to help people with significant pain and injuries, but we also use these models to optimize performance and prevent injury.

We believe that movement can be not only pain-free, but also fluid, efficient and full of confidence.

The first step is to come in for a full-body Initial Assessment, where we will go over your movement goals and determine what regions of your body we should target in order to unlock new potential and change the way you move – these areas are your “Drivers”. At the end of the Assessment, your Synergy Physio will then make recommendations about what kind of exercise program is best suited to you – you may want to explore our ConnectPilates™ program to train new movement patterns, or you may want to work through a movement program based in our gym in our Exercise Program Sessions. In both cases you’ll be given the tools to train at home or your own gym environment.

No matter your goals, book an Initial Assessment and let us give you the understanding and tools you need to Move Better, Feel Better and Be Better.

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