A 5 minute walk from the SeaBus, ConnectPilates on The Esplanade (North Vancouver) is where you can experience the newest innovation in Pilates.

Combining Dr. Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee’s revolutionary and world renowned ConnectTherapy™ Assessment & Treatment Physiotherapy model, with the best of the Pilates exercise Method, ConnectPilates is unlike any Method on the planet.

LJ’s unique perspective and approach to movement has already revolutionized the Physiotherapy world. And now the central tenets of ConnectTherapy are shaping how Pilates is being taught, integrated and experienced. Recognizing the gap between the structured and prescribed nature of traditional Pilates, and its inherent potential to enhance exercise prescription for clinical Drivers, ConnectPilates integrates these two constructs– to offer a two-fold Pilates Method. Meaning, ConnectPilates not only offers a superb exercise and movement experience, it also offers a way to assess and treat the Drivers of patients experiencing discomfort and pain. As ConnectTherapy also has a prevention & performance optimization focus, ConnectPilates also provides a pathway for all types of athletes and performing artists to unlock their potential by working on their Drivers. 

Dr. Linda-Joy Lee’s ConnectTherapy model is shaping the way we see and engage with Pilates. Come in, or call, to experience what’s not only new in Pilates, but what will ultimately make you Move Better, Feel Better & Be Better.

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