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You are the Focus

When you enter Synergy’s spacious Reception area you can expect to be greeted with a warm smile and a friendly hello. From here it’s off to one of 7 private treatment rooms, where you will spend undivided, one-on-one time, with your therapist. If need be, your therapist may take you to one of our 2 expansive gyms, for further assessment, or to work on individualized exercise progressions. You will not be rushed through a 15-20 minute appointment. Nor will your physio be attending to other patients when he/she is attending to your needs. YOU ARE THE FOCUS.

You should also know, you will not be hooked-up to a machine then left you alone to modulate its intensity. Instead you’ll receive 30-60 minutes (or longer) of a hands-on, full-body assessment and treatment approach, which will guide your therapist toward a clearer understanding of your problem and a plan to reach your movement goals.

What you can expect, while at Synergy, is to be treated as if you are the only patient in the clinic.

Treatment Options & Fees

We know your time is valuable which is why your entire 30, 45, or 60 minutes session is spent one-on-one with your physiotherapist. We do not divide your time with other clients as we believe the best care comes with specialized focused attention on you. For Shockwave Services, please go to the Shockwave page for treatment options and fees.

Your First Visit – Initial Assessment

  • During a 45 or 60 minute session we’ll talk with you about what you’re feeling in your body, your injury history, and your movement and sports history. We ask you questions related to your injury or problem including what your symptoms are and what makes you feel better and worse. We’ll ask about current or past medical conditions, as well as your daily activities such as work, sport and hobbies in order to determine factors contributing to your problem. We’ll also review any special tests (x-rays, CT scans, etc.) that you’ve had.
  • We’ll go over your movement goals and expectations from Physiotherapy. We’ll then do a whole body physical assessment, using an integration of hands-on and functional movement tests to assess your problem areas. Along with your history, this will help us determine the underlying cause of your pain and dysfunction or decreased performance, and how to treat it most effectively and efficiently.
  • We’ll discuss our findings with you and set up a treatment plan.

Follow-up Visits

  • Subsequent visits may be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length. Your therapist will recommend how many treatments are necessary, and the length of the appointments, depending on your injury or problem.
  • Your session may involve various types of treatment techniques and will be based on your individual needs. As ConnectTherapy is a movement-based model, you will be given home exercises or other types of exercise progressions to facilitate change.

Find out more about the types of Services we provide here.

Fees effective May 1, 2024

Initial Assessments & Follow-up Visits are billed based on the length of the appointment and type of service:

For Regular ConnectTherapy Physiotherapy visits (for Pelvic Floor and Shockwave see our booking page):

  • 60 minutes: $195
  • 45 minutes: $150
  • 30 minutes: $107

Fees for visits with Senior ConnectTherapy™ Physiotherapist

  • 60 minutes: $200
  • 45 minutes: $153

Note that fees may vary if reports are required. Check with the office for Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee’s rates and out-of-province patient rates. We accept payment by cash, cheque, debit card, Visa and AmeX. Please note: we are not set-up for WSBC patients.

What to Bring to your Appointment

  • Patient Intake Form – Please fill out our Registration Form prior to arriving for your first appointment by clicking here to fill in the form online.
  • Any test results or specialist reports you have.
  • ICBC clients – bring your Doctor’s name and referral, ICBC claim number, adjustor’s name and your BC Care Card. Approvals will be completed quicker if you give this information when you book your first visit.
  • A workbook and pen to make notes about your treatment and exercises.
  • If you are a cyclist then please inquire if/when you should bring your bike

When you come for your initial assessment, we’ll be doing a full-body movement assessment. We’ll want to watch you walk in the gym, and ask you to perform different functional movements while we feel what is happening in different regions of your body. The best clothes to bring for your assessment are:

  • comfortable shorts, preferably ones do not cover the knees – we do have some to borrow if you happen to forget
  • women, please wear a regular bra, a bikini top, or a bra that doesn’t cover your spine – please do not wear sports bras as these can be quite tight and will make it difficult for us to assess your Thoracic Rings
  • footwear that may contribute to your symptoms and /or orthotics that you use – eg. if you are a runner please bring your running shoe

What to Bring for Pilates

  • comfortable but relatively form fitting, single layer clothing options – the instructor/physiotherapist needs to be able to see your body in motion, and you need to be able to move freely
    • for men we recommend tight shorts or briefs under loose shorts
    • for women – try to avoid overly tight/compressive sports bras
    • please do not wear shorts or tights with zippers at the back waistband as these can be uncomfortable to lie on and can damage the equipment
  • Grip Socks – the ConnectPilates™ Studio is a no shoes zone & for safety and hygiene we require that everyone wear non-slip socks – they allow for a comfortable workout with minimal slippage. You can bring your own, or we have non-slip socks for purchase – please see our main front desk in suite 307. There are cubbies by the front door and change room available to store your shoes and belongings.
  • water bottle

Our Spaces

While we loved our tiny 2 treatment room clinic up on mid-Lonsdale—a space we occupied for 10 years– by 2014 it became very clear it simply couldn’t handle the demand generated by our highly skilled practitioners, working in LJ’s proprietary assessment and treatment models (ConnectTherapy™ and Thoracic Ring Approach™). So we began to look for new space. Later the same year we found Our Space, and in the “flat part” of town. As odd as it sounds, we find patients like the clinic being located on flat ground, here in hilly North Vancouver. As well, our new space is just a short walk from SeaBus– offering ease-of-access to our “mainland” patients.

When you walk into Synergy you will feel a sense of space. Our wide-open Reception area offers patients room to breathe. It also displays patient stories on its grand walls. We love it when people want to share their personal journeys in Moving Better, Feeling Better & Being Better. What also makes our Reception area interesting is the large (curved) Dr. Linda-Joy Lee International wall, indicating that our space is also a teaching clinic, where Synergy owner, Dr. Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee teaches physios from around the world the central tenets and application of her models. Therefore it’s safe to say, some people come to Our Space to feel better, while some come to learn how to make others feel better.

Then came 2018 and LJ’s desire to create a movement studio. It took some time, but in early 2019 we opened our second space in the same building. Our new ConnectPilates studio is located on the second floor and looks out over Burrard Inlet and Park Land.

Our Spaces are unique, in so many ways. We look forward to when you are able to visit us and enjoy this Uncommon Experience.

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