Vancouver and the North Shore are home to many who love to run – from those who run for fun and fitness all the way to our elite and Olympic competitive runners. At Synergy Physio + Pilates, we understand running and love to help our patients reach their running goals.

Whether you’re looking to run your first 5km or you are a seasoned distance runner, our ConnectTherapy Running Assessment & Treatment program can help you to optimize your running technique, address deficits hanging around from previous injuries, and make running feel great! 

What we’re offering: the possibility of being able to run pain free and achieve goals that you’ve always wanted to.

Your physiotherapist will look at your:

  • Running stride
  • Vertical displacement 
  • Cadence
  • Breathing pattern
  • Foot strike pattern and foot mechanics
  • Ability to absorb shock
  • Strength
  • Range of motion
  • Movement patterns

Book an appointment today with Jonathan, our running physio, to explore the possibilities. 

New to running and not sure where to start? We believe that running is an activity that is accessible to everyone – it is all about a gradual build up of movement and training to allow your body to adapt and gain the necessary control and strength needed. We can give you an individually tailored exercise program to prepare your body for running loads and ensure you have the endurance and strength in key muscles while you start training with a gradual walk-run program.

Recovering from an injury and having trouble getting back to your previous distances and speeds? There might be some altered movement patterns, muscle imbalances, or specific “strength holes” in key muscles that are limiting your efficiency or ability to progress. It’s common that we adapt and compensate elsewhere in the body when we have injuries or pain – for example, if you have a bad ankle sprain you may shift your weight off that foot by changing how you position your thorax or pelvis, to facilitate the healing process. Sometimes this short-term positive compensation becomes your long-term movement pattern, and it feels like your body is “off” even though your ankle injury has healed. With our ConnectTherapy™ assessment we can determine if this is a part of the reason why you can’t get back to your previous training levels. We’ll assess your whole body and determine where in your body you need to re-pattern or strengthen to facilitate your return to full training. We analyze your specific adaptations due to your past injuries and will be able to highlight what is the best way to return to running for you.

Have big goals and want to maximize performance and prevent downtime from injury? 

Let us determine where in your body you should focus treatment and exercises in order to get the most out of your hours in the gym and on the track. Our ConnectTherapy™ assessment allows us to identify these areas – your “Drivers” – and design a personalized exercise and movement program to optimize performance and efficiency. We can also do a running specific biomechanical analysis that allows us to help you understand how training your Drivers relates to your how you run.

So, whatever your running goals, our team can help! It all starts with a whole body ConnectTherapy™ assessment that allows us to plan a treatment program specific to your needs. Book an appointment today with our Running Physio, Jonathan Krebs, to get started.

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