Our Team & The Synergy Focus

Dedicated and committed doesn’t begin to describe our therapists. From assessment and treatment, to charting and follow-up, your Synergy Therapist has you covered.

All of Synergy’s physiotherapists are trained in physiotherapist Dr. Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee’s proprietary assessment & treatment models, which means— and you’d know this if you clicked on Uncommon Experience box– you are getting the most complete and unique full-body approach, for whatever pain and movement issues you may be experiencing.

Our team is committed to helping you move better, feel better and be better. This means that while you will have a primary treating therapist at Synergy, if your physiotherapist feels that one of the other Synergy team members can provide some specialized skills, or techniques to further facilitate your recovery and progress to your goals, they will recommend you see another member of the Synergy team for specific treatment, as part of your overall treatment plan.

If you desire a specific type of therapy, simply explain your request when booking your appointment. Our well-trained front desk staff can direct you to the therapist that best suits your needs.


Dr. Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee

Physiotherapist & Managing Director

Courtney Chan


Erin Lynn


Mark Penner

Physiotherapist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

Heidi Shortreed


Jonathan Krebs

Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor

Nelly Yockell

Senior Physiotherapist

Rachel Wong

Physiotherapist & Certified Strength Training Coach

Pilates Instructors

Vera Widjaja

Pilates Instructor

Courtney Chan

Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor

Jonathan Krebs

Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor

Massage Therapists

Brandi-Lyn Chapman

Registered Massage Therapist

Medical Office Assistants

Aulstine Bautista

Medical Office Assistant (MOA)

Vanessa Valledor

Medical Office Assistant (MOA)


Magda Szostak

Clinic Manager

Jennie Osborne

LJLI Administrative Coordinator

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