Vera Widjaja

Pilates Instructor

Education: BSc(bus.), Certified Classical Pilates Instructor

Vera is trained in Classical Pilates and is a graduate of the Advanced Teacher Training Program from The Pilates Center at Boulder, Colorado.

Vera’s Pilates journey took its roots in injury recovery but has since grown alongside her — the Pilates Method, in particular, allowed her to flourish both pre- and postnatally. More importantly, her exposure to different styles of Pilates in her learning brought her to Classical Pilates, a sequential method designed to move the body through a full range of movement.

Classical Pilates utilizes all apparatus, from the reformer to the mat. Vera hopes to share her understanding of integrated body movements, and at its core, the inseparable nature of the mind and the body.

As a Pilates teacher, Vera finds the most gratification in watching clients learn–just as she once did–to motivate positive changes in their own minds and bodies. She is looking forward to helping her clients improve their body functionality through self-focus and awareness.