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What’s next in total body assessment and treatment?

When you first arrived at our website you would have seen images that may have puzzled you?

For example, we show one image of a foot being treated, with a message telling you this is how we treat neck pain. So why then do we not show an image of someone’s neck being treated? Fair question.

The best way to explain all this is to share with you our untraditional and whole body approach. It’s truly what sets Synergy apart from all other clinics. We encourage you to take a little time to read the below descriptions of Dr. Linda-Joy Lee’s proprietary assessment & treatment models.

ConnectTherapy™ is a total body, whole person approach to your problem. It’s all about Connectedness. How different regions and systems of the body are connected. How the body and mind are connected. How therapists and patients are connected. How we as humans are physically, emotionally and socially connected.

Research across multiple fields highlights that there are multiple influences on how you move – your strategies for posture & movement – and how you feel – your symptoms and your experience of your body.

The Thoracic Ring Approach™ challenges long-held beliefs around the function of the thoracic spine and ribcage, and proposes innovative assessment and treatment frameworks based on a broader understanding of how these areas are designed to optimally function… in the context of whole body movement and optimal health of the whole person.

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