Performing Arts Program

At Synergy Physio + Pilates we recognize the unique demands of dance and performing arts. Our approach looks at connections throughout the body, allowing us to not only design a targeted treatment plan to address any current pain or injury, but also to prevent injuries, correct compensation patterns, and facilitate more efficient, beautiful movement.

Do you find it takes more effort to get a good turn out on one side more than the other?

Do you have trouble staying centred in your turns?

Is it more difficult to balance on one leg more than the other?

Are your hips clicking and not feeling as stable as you’d like?

Do you land heavier on your jumps than you think you should?

These are all things that we can help with!

You may be surprised to discover that there are one or two areas of your body that you need to focus on that will unlock your performance potential – and prevent injuries as well. These are your “Drivers” – and by training your Drivers we can simplify your focus and enhance your training.

We start with a complete a full body, ConnectTherapy™ Assessment – this assessment is designed specifically around meaningful dance movements and/or any technique challenges. We’ll identify movement imbalances, limitations and areas of decreased strength that are the most relevant to address to prevent injury and facilitate reaching full dancing potential.

From our assessment, we then develop an individual and targeted dance optimization program to address weak links and enhance performance. The dancer will be provided with relevant advice and exercises to prevent injury, as well as tools to self-monitor their progress, and key exercises to perform before and during class to optimize movement patterns and performance. These ConnectTherapy tools, called “Self-Checks” and “Resets”, will also help the dancer identify when it would be beneficial to seek treatment, before pain or injuries happen.

Let us help you perform and feel your best – book an appointment today with one of our Lead Performing Arts Program Physio, Jonathan Krebs.

If you dance with Ballet Bloch Canada, please contact our Clinic Manager at to find out about our special Performance Optimization Program for 2024.

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