Release with Awareness

Release with Awareness is a technique used by all the Synergy Physios to help downtrain and release over-active muscles that are contributing to dysfunction of your Drivers and your problem. It is a combination of the therapist using hands-on input to your muscles and nervous system and you consciously using your brain to let go of your non-optimal holding patterns. This technique was jointly created by Synergy physiotherapist and owner, Dr. Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee and physiotherapist Diane Lee (White Rock, BC).

LJ believes that by pairing hands-on release with the patient actively engaging in the release process, not only do we create a neuromuscular release, but we also are training your nervous system and brain in a new skill. We then use your new skill of being able to specifically let go of non-optimal muscle patterns as we train new patterns in our progressive exercise programs – whether it be in the gym, running on the track, or in a ConnectPilates™ Clinical Pilates session.

LJ has also further evolved the original Release with Awareness technique into dynamic techniques that are used during movement training – creating a more efficient pathway to training new ways of moving.

Synergy Physios also use LJ’s functional 3-D Thoracic Ring Approach and Neck “Stack & Release” techniques as part of their treatment tools.

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