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What is Clinical Pilates and how is it different from regular exercise Pilates?

Clinical Pilates involves the use of Pilates exercises, but specifically adapted and prescribed for the rehabilitation of injuries and physical problems in the Physiotherapy context. This means that your physiotherapist will design your exercise program based on the assessment of your injuries and pain, and they will likely also use other types of exercises along with Pilates exercises.

What makes Clinical Pilates at Synergy Physio different? ConnectPilates™

There are a few ways that we do Clinical Pilates differently. For one, all ConnectPilates sessions are done with your physiotherapist present – not just “supervising” – but present and guiding you through each part of your program. That is because we practice a unique kind of Clinical Pilates called ConnectPilates. ConnectPilates is based on the innovative and industry-changing model ConnectTherapy™, created by Synergy’s founder and physiotherapist, Dr. LJ Lee.

With ConnectTherapy your physiotherapist will assess your problem areas, but also use a thorough diagnostic tool to identify the most important regions of your body to treat, which are the true underlying cause of your problem. These regions are called your “Drivers”. Then, with ConnectPilates, we unlock and train new movement patterns using Pilates repertoire, but with unique programming and combined with specific hands-on release techniques for your Drivers. This means your hands-on treatment and exercise training are integrated in a targeted and individualized way that yields Uncommon Results for rehab from your injury.

At Synergy we use this kind of integrated manual therapy plus exercise and movement in all our exercise progressions – whether for strength training or core stability – as it is one of the many innovative physiotherapy techniques used in the ConnectTherapy & Thoracic Ring Approach™ models.

To progress your rehab and recovery process, we offer small group physiotherapy sessions – so you can continue to have direct, specific, and hands-on input from a skilled physiotherapist in your ConnectPilates training. Our group physio sessions run in a series of 6 weekly classes, and are a cost-effective way to continue to optimize your movement & reach your goals.

From there, your therapist can provide you with an individualized maintenance program that you can continue, or you can work towards new movement goals with our exercise Pilates Instructors – there are many options to move forward.

Book your appointment for an initial Clinical ConnectPilates Assessment today – your physiotherapist will do a whole-body assessment, identify your key Drivers and discuss your rehab goals. On your next visit you will then start on an individualized rehab process in ConnectPilates, which will help you to Move Better, Feel Better and Be Better.

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