Heidi Shortreed


Education: BSc (PT), MPT, ConnectTherapy™ Series Graduate (Part 4)

I believe that being active is essential to being healthy. As we age, being active can be harder to achieve.  As a physio,  I enjoy problem solving and helping people get to the basis of their movement issues and then helping them find ways to keep being as active as they would like to be.

Through my own injuries as well as my 25+ years of physiotherapy experience I have realized that often an integrated approach to movement is the key to success.  I have trained with LJ Lee in the ConnectTherapy™ and Thoracic Ring Approach™  and believe in  this holistic approach to restoring optimal movement.

Over the years I have helped people with neurological conditions as well as sports and orthopaedic issues achieve their movement goals.   I started a community based NeuroFit program in Squamish and continue to be involved with this and a weekly hydrotherapy program

I like to begin with a  functional whole body movement assessment.  My treatment approach is to use hands-on manual therapy techniques to  help your body restore movement along with  self management techniques  and individualized targeted exercises  to help you build the strength and coordination that  you will need to achieve your movement goals.

Outside of work, I am busy with family and enjoying local outdoor recreation pursuits; Skiing, riding, hiking and running.  When not outside I can be found at the local pool swimming, playing with my grandchildren  or teaching hydrotherapy