Strength Training

Want to make sure your body is functioning as efficiently as possible?

Have you ever wondered why no matter how much you train, you are unable to generate force effectively, or you’re plateauing in your performance?

Do you feel uncomfortable, or awkward in positions other people can get into easily?

If you’ve worked on global technical issues, mobility, weaker muscles groups and have done a bunch of accessory work to supplement your regular training, however are still frustrated with your progress, there might some finer movement control issues letting you down.

With a whole body ConnectTherapy™ assessment, we will evaluate how each area of your body affects each other. We will assess you in your meaningful task, whether it is a squat, a snatch, or getting into a front-rack position. With the ConnectTherapy Drivers Diagnostic Chart™ algorithm, we will then determine which areas of your body are the key influences on your performance, power output and progress – we call these areas your “Drivers”.

Drivers are often very individual depending on past injuries, type of training, training loads and volumes. Addressing dysfunction of your Drivers can be the missing link in your training process.

From there we will help design an individualised program, providing you with advice and self-management tools. We will prescribe an exercise program to help supplement your training and address your muscle activation imbalances to optimise the way you move so that your body can work as efficiently as possible.

Some common weightlifting / strength training challenges that we can help with:

  • Power output difference between legs / arms
  • Difficulty getting lower in a squat
  • Discomfort in ankles / knees / hips in a squat or other loaded position
  • Recurring patellar or quad tendinopathy
  • Poor trunk and abdominal activation no matter how much time you spend on “core” exercises
  • Back pain with squats and deadlifts (or other hip hinge movements)
  • Shoulder pain or reduced range overhead

All of our Synergy Physios can help you with your weightlifting goals. Team member Kush Jayawardane competes in Olympic Weightlifting and has a large amount of experience with strength and power athletes and is a great resource for the whole Synergy Team. Click here to learn more about our team members and their interests.