After more than two months apart we are so happy to welcome you back!

On Monday, May 25th we will be opening our large & spacious clinic to our Physiotherapy patients and Pilates clients. To ensure we reach our number one objective—patient, client & staff safety – we will be working toward a staged re-opening, which will see the resumption of physio appointments, along with private and small group Pilates classes.

If not already, you will soon be hearing from our office (either from our front desk staff, your physiotherapist, or your Pilates instructor), to schedule your first appointment/session. We have a system in place to triage patients, starting with those in the most urgent need, as well as those whose last appointments in March were either cancelled or postponed. Should you not hear from our office in the next week, please call us. We don’t want anyone to get missed.

To accommodate a number of issues COVID-19 has created, we will be implementing several changes to our regular policies & procedures:

  • Arrival & Screening: we are fortunate to have a very large facility, including a massive reception area (this is finally “paying-off “ ). This means you will not have to wait in your vehicle prior to, as with many other appointments. We do ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your appointment, as we will require this time to process you and take you through our health screening. We also ask that you use your home washroom facilities prior to your appointment, if possible. Of course, our washroom facilities are still available for your use – we’re simply trying to minimize contact.
  • You will also be emailed a copy of the health screener to complete the day prior to your appointment (see questions at the end of this document). Hand sanitizer will be available at reception and protective plexi-glass shields have been put in place for everyone’s safety.
  • Minimizing Contact is Vital (You Are the Focus): at Synergy it’s just you and your physiotherapist – we have always maintained individual and one-on-one care. When minimizing contact is so critical, your therapist will only be with you and not be moving between patients. This has always been the practice at Synergy and minimizing contact in this manner helps keep everyone safer.
  • In-Clinic/Studio Social Distancing: our large clinic and studio space offers patients and staff the best of social distancing opportunities and favourable entry and exit to/from your private treatment room. For Pilates, after checking-in, you will be directed down to the studio where you will be greeted and guided into the studio by your instructor. Our studio is large and very conducive to distancing in a Pilates setting.
  • Personal Information: please provide any/all extended health plan and credit card information prior to your appointment— you can either call it in, or provide upon checking-in. Prior to will help us process you more quickly, however. As well our POS machines have been reprogrammed to Tap up to $250 in transaction approval.
  • Timing of Your Physio Appointment: COVID-19 has created a number of issues for physiotherapy clinics, increased supply and labour costs (namely, in relation to cleaning and safety protocols) being just two. But it also affects patient flow-through. Thus, costs and flow-through are two very significant challenges in reopening. To ensure we efficiently move patients through the clinic, and to meet stringent cleaning protocols, for the foreseeable future we will be scheduling patients in 25 minute, 40 minute and 55 minute appointments. This will allow for the necessary 5-7 minutes we require to properly clean and disinfect our [your] treatment room between appointments. We thank you for your understanding.
  • Timing of Your Pilates Appointment: Pilates sessions will be 50 minutes long to allow for extra care and cleaning. Please arrive 5 minutes before your session – Pilates clients will need to follow the same check-in and screening protocols as physio patients.
  • Cleaning Protocols: you can be rest assured that your treatment room and Pilates equipment will be deep cleaned top-to-bottom. Yes, even the floors will be cleaned after each appointment. All contact surfaces will be cleaned and, for physiotherapy, pillowcases replaced after each appointment. All unnecessary furnishings and magazines have been removed from the clinic.
  • Therapist & Instructor PPE: your therapist and Pilates instructor will be wearing a mask and possibly a gown (therapists will use gowns at their discretion). Our front desk staff will be wearing masks and sitting behind plexi-glass screens.
  • Patient PPE: you will be expected to wear a mask (it can be homemade), and if you do not have a mask we have them for sale at reception, for a nominal fee. It is advisable that you bring only the minimal personal belongings needed (movement / physio clothing); please tie long hair back before coming to your session.
  • Virtual Physio still Available & Valuable: yes we are re-opening for in-person appointments. But our physios—who throughout the lockdown have become very proficient in treating virtually—will still be offering this service. A virtual session is great for progressing your exercises, or for conducting initial assessments for new patients—particularly over the next several months.

We are truly excited about returning to business and welcoming you back to the clinic and studio. We ask that if you have any questions you call our office and one of our knowledgeable front desk staff will provide you with answers.

Your Synergy Physio + Pilates Team


Self-Screening Questionnaire 

Anyone answering YES to the following will NOT be eligible for in-person appointments – please make a Virtual Appointment:

  • Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 including but not limited to fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and/or painful swallowing
  • Anyone under the direction of the Provincial Health Officer to self-isolate
  • Anyone who has arrived from outside of British Columbia within the past 14 days
  • Anyone who has attended or lives with someone who has attended a gathering of more than 50+ people within the past 14 days
  • Anyone having contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case within the past 14 days
  • Anyone who has visited a long-term care facility within the past 14 days